Frequently Asked Questions

You're welcome to SusuAI, your artificial intelligence savings plan platform that will help you plan and automated all your savings.

Things you need to know about SusuAI.

How Does It Works?

SusuAI is your Artificial Intelligence social and personal savings plan. You can create a savings plan (e.g. Holiday, School Fees or Buying New House) plan, and set the duration for the saving. SusuAI will automatically calculate your required savings and notify you each time your savings is due.

Why Is It Better Than Normal Bank Savings?

SusuAI helps you create a specific savings plan and encouraged you to save towards your dream! All at a go, anytime, anywhere, and help you sort all your bills directly from your phone. You can achieve virtually any financial plans with SusuAI.

Is It Safe?

Yes. SusuAI uses state-of-the-art security measures. Your personal information is anonymized, encrypted and securely stored. All funds held within SusuAI are safely held in GTBank and SusuAI do not have access to any funds.

Is It Free?

Yes. SusuAI is completely free. You will see "Hello SusuAI Inc." transactions in your checking account but these transactions are just transfers to and from SusuAI.

Can I Use It?

At this time, SusuAI supports all Banks in Nigeria and is currently only available in Nigeria! Other African countries coming soon.

Does It Work With Non-Nigerian Cards?

Yes, you can transfer funds from your Non-Nigerian debit/credit card into your SusuAI savings vault in Naira. We hopes to expand internationally in the future.

Do I Need a Savings Account?

No. When you signup for SusuAI you get your own Vault which will hold all savings until withdrawn. Any funds held in your SusuAI account are safely held In GTbank with no access from SusuAI.

How Do I Access My Savings?

You can withdraw your savings 24/7/365 and as many times as you want per month. You can access your SusuAI savings by approving 'Withdraw Process' whenever you'd like to move money to your checking account.

What Can I Do With My SusuAI Savings?

Some of our Users have started a fund for emergencies, splurged on a trip, or paid down debt. You can also move your savings to other accounts (for investments or retirement) as often as you wish.

Have other questions?

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