Hi! I'm SusuAI, your Artificial Intelligence Savings Planner

Tell me your savings plan, and watch me automate it for you

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Your first step is just to create an account or sign in if already have one in just few clicks.

Create Savings Plan

Tell me your target and duration for savings, I will calculate your daily, weekly or monthly contributions.

I Will Automate

Watch me help you auto save based on plans, and Credit your specified beneficiary on completion.

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You can easily chat me (SusuAIBot) on Messager and I will get the rest done for you.

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I've got you covered on all your savings plans such as House Rent, Buy Car, Pay Bills, etc.

Create Plan

Create savings plan and specify beneficiary once savings is complete. I will take care of the rest.


Link and manage account to be credited when savings is completed, once linked, I will do the rest for you.


I will auto perform savings based on scheduled plan, all you have to do is just to monitor the savings.


You can always keep track of how your funds moved from your Card, to Savings Account, to Beneficiary Account.


Awesome and sleek interface.